Resources, Research and Literature for Practitioners


  •  Reverse court interpreting role plays, NT:
  • 2010 UWS debate on the impact of technology on translation: 
  • EST2016 Congress in Denmark
  • Legal translation references.
  • World Intellectual Property Organisation: WIPO Terminology Portal. WIPO’s multilingual terminology portal gives access to scientific and technical terms derived from patent documents. It helps promote accurate and consistent use of terms across different languages, and makes it easier to search and share scientific and technical knowledge.
  • DSS Factsheet: Interpreting in domestic violence situations. Interpreters play a crucial role in ensuring that people who don’t speak English, or speak English as a second language, are able to access appropriate support and legal services. This fact sheet has been developed by the Department of Social Services for interpreters who may take on work in domestic violence situations. It includes information on the AUSIT Code of Ethics, training and professional development opportunities, and where to go for confidential and professional support.
  • Ethical tips for Community Interpreters: download as a pdf file
  • Translation of Official and Legal Documents: AUSIT’s recommendations for the translation of official and legal documents into English and other languages for use in Australia. Some recipients of such translations (government departments, authorities, courts ...) may have additional or varying requirements.
  • Working as a translator for an agency: An employment advice if there ever was one! The speaker is Ian White, from Translation House. The recording was made on 13 April 2013, at Perth, during an AUSIT PD event dedicated to help freelancers understand the requirements and expectations of language company owners/managers.
  • The Plain English legal dictionary – This is a great resource from the Northern Territory, that is useful and applicable to all interpreters. It provides plain English explanations to legal terms. It can be downloaded as a PDF or as an interactive application. I strongly recommend it for those of you working in the legal field. To download, click here
  • Addressing the jury
  • Introducing the interpreter in court

Research and Literature