Apply for Membership Now

Applications to become a member or an associate of AUSIT are to be lodged online using our convenient online application forms. Start your application now using the appropriate form below:

Form 888: Application for AUSIT Membership (Member, Candidate, Associate)

Form 886: Application for AUSIT Student Membership

Remember to save your application so you can return to it later, in case you do not have all your documents ready right at the start. Please note that we may delete applications which have not been submitted and which have not been updated for more than 1 month without prior warning.

Processing Time: Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed by the local branch prior to final approval by the National Council. The average processing time for membership applications is 1 to 2 months. Please note that you may be contacted during the process if we require further information.

Membership Fees for New Applications: AUSIT membership fees are due on 1 July of every year. Your first membership fee will therefore be pro-rated to expire on 30 June of the calendar year which follows the year in which your membership has been approved. More details can be found here.