Member / Candidate Member

Translator or interpreter with NAATI accreditation or recognition or equivalent qualifications.

Membership criteria: Must have relevant qualifications and experience in translating and/or interpreting, such as NAATI accreditation or recognition, tertiary qualifications from a state/government institution in Australia or overseas, or other qualifications and experience deemed acceptable by the Institute. Applicants who show either qualifications or experience (but not both) may be admitted as Candidate Members and are eligible for full membership upon having gained qualifications and experience.

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Senior Practitioner

Members with full engagement in the T/I industry at professional level or above for at least five years can advance to this category. This category requires applicants to have been a financial AUSIT Full Member for the last five years and further requirements apply - refer to the application form.

Associate Member

Any individual who has an interest in the profession of interpreting and translation. Professional translators and interpreters are not eligible for this category as they will be considered for full membership only.

Qualification criteria: Any individual who has an interest in the profession of interpreting and translation and is not eligible for membership in any other category may be eligible to join as an Associate. Associates are not entitled to certain Member benefits (e.g. published directory listing, voting rights, standing for office, permission to display AUSIT membership on stationery and marketing materials, etc.)

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Individuals who can demonstrate that they are students can qualify for this catgeory.

Membership criteria: part-time or full-time translating and interpreting students enrolled in a formal program (diploma, advanced diploma or degree) can join AUSIT under a special “student” sub-category within the Associate member category. Persons applying to be Associates, and who can demonstrate that they are students, can join this category. Students are required to apply for full membership on completing their studies and obtaining qualifications).

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Retired Member

  • For long-term AUSIT members who have retired / almost retired from practice, but wish to continue their association with AUSIT.
  • For members aged 65 years or over, with at least 15 years’ continuous membership in AUSIT.
  • Allows continuing active participation in committees if desired.
  • Annual fee takes into account the members’ reduced income.
  • Same voting rights and access to services as for the Member category.

Notes about Membership Fees

  • Membership fees are payable on 1 July of every year, covering membership from 1 July of that year to 30 June of the following year.
  • For new members, membership fees are pro-rated (in quarterly intervals) until 30 June of the year following the year of joining. So you don’t gain or lose regardless of when you apply.
  • Membership fees are reviewed annually and generally indexed to CPI.
 Membership Level  
 Fee for 2016/2017
inclusive of GST
 Fee for 2015/2016
inclusive of GST
 Senior Practitioner $241.60 p.a. $237.60 p.a.
 Member $191.40 p.a. $189.70 p.a.
 Associate   $108.20 p.a. $106.50 p.a.
 Candidate   $108.20 one-time fee   $106.50 one-time fee
 Student $56.70 p.a. $55.00 p.a.
 Retired Member $56.70 p.a. $55.00 p.a.

 Additional Fees  
 Fee for 2016/2017
inclusive of GST
 Fee for 2015/2016
inclusive of GST
 Specialisation application fee  
per application
 Specialisation ongoing fee $50.00
  per specialisation per year