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Danger Ahead! Examples of what can go wrong when unqualified interpreters and translators are hired

There are inherent risks in not using qualified translators and interpreters to "do the job". See what made it in the news!

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DSS Factsheet: Interpreters and family safety
Interpreters play a crucial role in ensuring that people who don’t speak English, or speak English as a second language, are able to access appropriate support and legal services.
This fact sheet has been developed by the Department of Social Services for anyone working in the domestic violence sector.  It includes information on how to access an interpreter, tips for working effectively with interpreters, and what to do if there are concerns that an interpreter has acted inappropriately.

Court Interpreter Protocols

Interpreting in the Health Sector

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Interpreters and Bilinguals

Notes on interpreters and bilinguals.


AUSIT and AUSIT members are involved in ongoing research in translation, interpreting and related fields.

Royal Commission into Domestic Violence Report – Victorian Government
The report makes 227 recommendations, six of which relate directly to the use of interpreting services in domestic violence matters. [See recommendations (64, 157, 158, 159, 160 and 172)

Controversies over the role of court interpreters, by Prof. Sandra Hale
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Video Guides on Working With Interpreters

Training kit (comprising video/DVD and book) which was professionally produced with Australian Government funding, much good will, support and participants from AUSIT.

Tebble, H. 1998. Medical Interpreting: Improving communication with your patients.
   Geelong: Language Australia and Deakin University.
   Photocopy of Book may be downloaded from ERIC Documents ED426614.

Video/DVD: H.Tebble 1998.  Medical Interpreting: Improving communication with your patients.
   Geelong: Language Australia and Deakin University.
   Video/DVD may NOT be uploaded onto www.
   Available as 24 min. video or DVD from
   Adj. Assoc. Professor Helen Tebble
   School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures & Linguistics,
   Faculty of Arts, Monash University, Clayton VIC 3800.
   Order by email: <>