Advertising with AUSIT

AUSIT offers a range of opportunities for you to advertise your products and services. The following advertising prices apply from 1 October 2015 and are subject to change. Please note that not all services may be available at this time.


e-Flashes are electronic message sent to our mailing list. Please contact the Executive Office by email to create an account with us if you would like to advertise through AUSIT.
  • Affiliates receive unlimited e-flashes
  • Other Universities and TAFE colleges: $200+GST per e-flash
  • Private Providers (subject to prior approval by National Council): $300+GST per e-flash Website

Advertisements can be placed on selected pages on our website. Please contact our Administrator by email for more information.
  • Exclusive banner ad on our interpreter directory: A$1,000+GST per calendar year.



In Touch Magazine

Please contact In Touch by email for further information and to place your advertisement. Terms, conditions and publishing standards may apply. Past issues of our magazine can be downloaded from our In Touch home page.
  • Affiliates receive 1 free quarter page advertisement per year and receive a 15% discount on the standard advertising fees for any subsequent advertisements
  • Other Universities and TAFE colleges receive a 15% discount of the standard advertising fees

Standard In Touch Advertising Fees:

Size Single Issue
2 Issues 4 Issues
Full page  (A4)
Back page (A4)
Half page (approx.195 mm wide x 140 mm high)
Quarter page (approx. 97 mm wide x 140 mm high)
Classified advertisements (per single issue)
$5+GST per line of column space (5 cm wide, 10 point font)
currently not being offered