AUSIT Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics is AUSIT’s most important publication.  It is recognised as setting the standards for ethical conduct of interpreters and translators in Australia and New Zealand.

Current AUSIT Code of Ethics (Full Version) (pdf)

If you feel that the Code of Ethics has not been adhered to, you may consider addressing your concerns to our Board of Professional Conduct.
Important - misquotes and misinterpretations of the code:
It has come to our attention that the AUSIT Code of Ethics has been misquoted and misinterpreted by a number of organizations. Whilst AUSIT is seeking clarifications and corrections, it is everybody's responsibility not to take statements and quotes at face value. The correct and current AUSIT Code of Ethics can be downloaded from this page and for any clarifications please contact AUSIT. If you feel that the code has been misquoted or misinterpreted, please contact AUSIT as well.
The first AUSIT Code of Ethics was launched in 1996. It was endorsed by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI), and over the years has been adopted by WAITI (the Western Australian Institute of Translators and Interpreters) and NZSTI (the New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters) and by government and private language service providers all over the country.

In late 2010 Professor Rita Wilson of Monash University proposed a joint Monash-AUSIT project to review the Code and determine whether it should be revised and updated. A review group was established, initially with funding from Monash, and after almost two years of research and broad consultation with members and non-member practitioners, educators and language service providers, the new AUSIT Code of Ethics was published in December 2012.

The document consists of two parts. The Code of Ethics sets out the general principles that govern the practice of our profession, while the Code of Conduct explains how those principles are to be applied. There are additional separate sections on conduct issues specific to translators and those specific to interpreters.

AUSIT members undertake to abide by the Code of Ethics when they join the Institute. We hope non-members will also use it to guide them in their interpreting and translation practice.

Previous Version

The previous version of the AUSIT Code of Ethics (pre-2012) is available from AUSIT upon request.