The AUSIT Board of Professional Conduct (BoPC)

The Board of Professional Conduct (BoPC) provides rigorously considered, evidence-based written opinions on matters brought to it that involve disputes, grievances, breaches of the AUSIT Code of Ethics, or other instances of professional practice that in the opinion of the applicant require examination and comment.

Before making an application, you need to be aware of what the BoPC can and can't do. Other than the general ability of the Institute to expel members, the BoPC has no power of enforcement. Its primary function is to provide opinions to both applicants and respondents that may enable the parties themselves to resolve a dispute, or to better understand the events that have led to the application being made. The BoPC, as a service offered by AUSIT, is primarily concerned with providing members with support and guidance, and would only consider punitive action as the very last resort.

BoPC will not deal with disputes for which there are established methods of resolution such as the courts. This would include matters involving allegations of defamation, or non-payment of invoices for example. The BoPC will only deal with matters that require expert knowledge of translation and interpreting to resolve.

If you would like to apply to the BoPC to have a matter dealt with, please fill out an application form, available below, and send it in confidence to the AUSIT Executive Officer at email.

BoPC Application Form (doc)