AUSIT Awards - Industry Recognition

Paul Sinclair Award

In 2009, AUSIT established the ‘Paul Sinclair Award for Outstanding Contribution to AUSIT’ to honour the late Paul Sinclair’s contribution to the association and the profession. The Paul Sinclair Award for Outstanding Contribution to AUSIT has been awarded three times to date:

  • 2009 to the AUSIT Queensland Branch Committee, for the financial contribution made by the 2008 National Conference
  • 2011 to Rod Wahl, for leading the AUSIT Constitutional Review project in 2010
  • 2013 to Christian Schmidt, for leading the AUSIT Code of Ethics review
  • 2017 to Sam Berner, with Dave Deck as runner up and commendations for Amy Wang and Daniel Muller

For award condition and nominations please refer to the Paul Sinclair Awards documentation.

AUSIT Student Excellence Award

AUSIT Affiliates are entitled to nominate one Interpreting and/or Translation graduating student for the AUSIT student excellence award. Please refer to these guidelines and forms for further information:


Winners 2017

  • James Frederick McBride, Monash University
  • Yee Jan Ng, Monash University
  • Sunjae Weon, Macquarie University
  • Mo Lin, RMIT University
  • Andrez Kozlowski, RMIT University
  • Su-Chin Wu, TAFE South Australia
  • Nidal Raslan, TAFE South Australia
  • Andrew Tran, University of New South Wales
  • Xueli Qiu, University of New South Wales
  • Siyun Shen, University of Queensland
  • Yuta Ishii, University of Queensland
  • Elisa Michelini, University of Western Australia
  • Shuzhen Hon, University of Western Australia
  • Georgina Vinals Vega, University of Western Sydney

Winners 2016

  • Sebastien Clevy, University of New South Wales
  • Xiaoling Zhu, University of New South Wales
  • Jiayao Fu, Macquarie University
  • Kate Garrett, Monash
  • Titis Pratiwi, RMIT
  • Ewen Wang, TAFESA
  • Maryam Gholitaleb, TAFESA

Winners 2015

  • Yael Balandrano, University of New South Wales
  • Emiri Oishi, Macquarie University

Fellow of the Institute

AUSIT Members awarded with the title Fellow of the Institute are listed below. Rules and regulations regarding the Fellow title are outlined in our Constitution and By-Laws.

AUSIT Fellows

1995:  David Connor, Mary Gurgone, Barbara McGilvray
1996:  Terry Chesher, Harry Blackmore, Bob Filipovich
1997:  Armand von Stein, Klaus Hermes
1998:  Lia Jaric
1999:  Marta Barany
2005:  Moreno Giovannoni
2007:  Annamaria Arnall, Yveline Piller
2010:  Vince Danilo
2011:  Uli Priester
2012:  Adolfo Gentile
2013:  Sandra Hale
2014:  Tea Dietterich, Sam Berner
2016:  Patricia Avila, Ilke Brueckner-Klein, Amale Hourani

Life Members

2016:  John Gare
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