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AUSIT TAS General Meeting + PD Session

Saturday 30 September 2017


How do we defend our translating / interpreting decisions if challenged?

A PD session for translators and interpreters, plus a general meeting to formalise a Tasmania sub-branch.

An overview of the principles underpinning our translating / interpreting decisions, including various historical insights into what we do and why; followed by some time to consider and discuss practical examples.

Have you ever had a client or agency return a translation to you with a complaint that there are mistranslations in it?  Have you ever, while interpreting, had a friend or relative of the client object that your interpreting was wrong?

Even when we know that we’ve translated / interpreted correctly, we can still find our work being challenged – often by people who don’t understand the nature of translating and interpreting, or whose language knowledge is less than ours.  However, demonstrating that our version was correct and theirs was wrong, or was ill-informed, can be difficult if we don’t understand the principles that underpin good ‘meaning-based’ translating and interpreting.

This session will briefly review how insights into the nature of translating and interpreting have developed, particularly since the 1960s; and then explore in more detail what it means to say that our translating and interpreting is ‘meaning-based’, and why it needs to have that characteristic.  It will then look in more detail at the concept of ‘equivalence’ of meaning, the various levels at which equivalence needs to be achieved, and some legitimate strategies for achieving it.  Finally, there will be an opportunity to discuss some practical examples and consider how we could defend the way in which we’ve rendered the meaning.

A light lunch will be served afterwards, followed by a general meeting (which should not last more than 1 hour) to formally constitute a Tasmania sub-branch of AUSIT.

Although AUSIT in this corner of Australia has existed as the Victoria/Tasmania branch for a number of years, and although presenters from Victoria and elsewhere have been able to offer various PD events over the last few years, AUSIT (at the national level and particularly at the branch level) has become increasingly aware that this is no real substitute for having an entity ‘on the ground’ in Tasmania.  Apart from the opportunity to organise local PD events, it would also make it easier to organise social get-togethers / networking events to help break the ‘professional isolation’ that practitioners so commonly experience.

We already have several AUSIT members who’ve indicated a willingness to contribute to a sub-branch committee in Tasmania, but we’d welcome any other members who’d like to play a part, even a small one.  Four or five on the committee would be a sufficient nucleus, but if more are interested, so much the better!

Any AUSIT member who would be interested in formally being a member of a sub-branch committee is invited to download a nomination form and return it to the address shown on the form.  Note that under AUSIT rules people cannot self-nominate; note also that formal members of the sub-committee need to be financial members of AUSIT.  Other people can be co-opted to serve on the sub-committee.


The presenter of the PD event (and chair of the formal meeting afterwards) is Dave Deck, General Secretary of AUSIT.  Dave has been a translator and interpreter (in Indonesian and Malay) for over 20 years, and for many years facilitated NAATI test preparation workshops in Melbourne, as well as teaching T&I at RMIT University from 2006 to 2014.  He has previously run PD sessions in Hobart in 2016.


Nomination Form


PD Level: Intermediate | PD Points: 20 | PD Logbook Section: 3.1

Please call the AUSIT Office if a Promotion Code is required (ASLIA and Non-Member Students)

Public transport information

Metro Tasmania’s regular Glenorchy service operates every 20 minutes from Hobart Bus Mall at weekends.  Take a Glenorchy Bus (routes 502, 510, 512, 520) from Hobart city to Bus Stop 23 on Main Road Glenorchy, cross the railway lines and enter off Howard Road.

Parking information

On-site parking is available at the Showgrounds.


Saturday 30 September 2017

Session 1: 09:00am - 12:00pm
Session 2: 12:45pm - 13:30pm


Upper Main Grandstand
Hobart Showground
2 Howard Rd, Glenorchy TAS 7010


$25 AUSIT & ASLIA members
$50 non-members
$10 AUSIT student members
$20 student non-members



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