AUSIT Excellence Awards 2013

The 2013 AUSIT Excellence Awards were held on 16 November 2013. They again showcased our industry and highlighted the issues critical to promoting and developing translation and interpreting in Australia. The Awards recognise initiatives and activities by individuals, teams and organisations and encourage best practice, professionalism, dedication to quality, innovation and outstanding contributions. Visit the event website at

Pictures from the event are now available online.


2013 Winner for Outstanding Contribution to the Translating & Interpreting Industry:

SBS Subtitling and PPU Preparation

2013 Winner for Excellence in Translating:

Catherine Manning Muir

2013 Joint Winners for Excellence in Interpreting:

Charles Qin, Joseph Li Tu & Bruce Leifu Song
Yveline Piller & John Benson

2013 Winner for Outstanding Contribution to Indigenous Interpreting and Translation:
Independent & General (I&G) Pty Ltd

2013 Winner of the Paul Sinclair Award (Outstanding Contribution to AUSIT):
Christian Schmidt

The AUSIT Excellence Awards were instituted in 2004 in Victoria and going national in 2007 in Sydney, recognise the outstanding achievements of translators and interpreters throughout the country and bring together the leading figures of the Australian translation and interpreting industry with government and other industry stakeholders.

The 2014 Biennial AUSIT National Conference will be held in Brisbane.