The AUSIT Biennial National Conference

The AUSIT Biennial National Conference is a forum where professionals from various fields, industry practitioners, linguists, academics, agency owners and project managers, trainers and other players discuss issues pertinent to translation and interpreting, and the various specialisations, approaches, tools, and technologies involved in such activities.

This conference, as its predecessors, is a comprehensive and exciting event where new ideas are generated, disciplinary boundaries are crossed, and knowledge about research and practice in translating and interpreting is shared. The conference is divided into a series of sessions according to various interests and disciplines. An AUSIT Biennial National Conference is a proven industry event where delegates and sponsors can meet new people, open new vistas, and above all, show their support for the work of T&I professionals, who are indispensable to crossing cultural and linguistic hurdles on a daily basis and at every level of life in our global village!

Since 1999, the most prominent representatives of the translating and interpreting profession and industry come together for this weekend of sharing and learning. Academics, practitioners and other industry stakeholders interact with key language service providers and users from both the private and public sectors. Keynote speakers in the past have included Professor Paul R. Frommer from Los Angeles, who created an entire new language Na'vi for James Cameron's box-office film Avatar, bestselling author and historian Don Watson, Barry Jones as well as other high profile celebrities from the translation and media world.