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Cátia Cassiano
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0435 024 934
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I've been working in this industry since 2010, but before that I did some voluntary work for a travel agency as training. I've been working mostly in the Aviation/Tourism industry as one of my main clients is an airline in East-Timor. I've also work in the Casino Game industry for a company based in Melbourne.
MCIL 014184
Microsoft Office
Diploma in Translation - Chartered Institute of Linguists
Aviation/Tourism/Travel Casino Games
I was born in Lisbon, Portugal and I moved to Sydney in 2006. I am perfectionist and passionate about everything I do. I am constantly searching for ways of improving my skills, but I also love to share the knowledge with others, so they can have the same opportunities. I love writing, politics, history, music and sports. I also like a good discussion where different points of view can be presented, I believe that's how we all learn and evolve as individuals.

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