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Max de Montaigne
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Not Applicable
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+614 02 058 994
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Max V de Mont
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04 02 058 994
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Public Website Profiles: LinkedIn, Proz
Red Hill
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Po Box 519 Red Hill QLD 4059 Australia
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Antipode Translations
• Agricultural projects in Africa (former UN officer) • Health promotion, international organisations • Mining, health and safety • Press releases, current affairs
MS Office Suite. Wordfast Classic & Professional. Localizer. MemSource. Antidote. Nuance. Bentley MicroStation
• NAATI Accreditation • Agricultural engineer (Ingénieur agronome ENSAT) • Ph.D. Biology, sp. Entomology / Plant Protection • "Ancien élève du Lycée Descartes de Phnom-Penh"
• Engineering, mining, piping, valves, civil, earthworks, health & safety • Agriculture, environment, biology, entomology, locusts, plant protection • Press releases, general articles • Cambodia (Buddhism as a personal interest), Africa, Mauritania, Djibouti, West Indies, Papua New Guinea
• Native French speaker • Life and work experience in over 20 countries in 5 continents (Cambodia, Europe, Africa, South Pacific...)

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NAATI Certification - New System

CAT  -  Certified Advanced Translator   CT   - Certified Translator     CCI     - Certified Conference Interpreter       CPRO    -   Certified Provisional Interpreter  
CI   - Certified Interpreter        RECI  -  Recognised Practising Interpreter        RECT  -   Recognised Practising Translator    

NAATI Accreditation - Old System

AT  -  Advanced Translator   API   - Professional Interpreter    APPT     - Paraprofessional Translator        APPI    -   Paraprofessional Interpreter  
CONI   - Conference Interpreter        APT  -  Professional Translator        RI  -   Recognised Interpreter   RT   - Recognised Translator 

Other Codes

NZSTI  -  New Zealand Credentials 

No Longer Used

PRO  -  Professional       PPRO   - Paraprofessional       REC  -  Recognition