Membership Benefits

Top 6 Reasons to Join

  • Representation - AUSIT is frequently invited to participate in government and other forums dealing with matters relating to the translating and interpreting profession.
  • Quality Assurance - By joining AUSIT, members commit themselves to conforming to AUSIT’s Code of Ethics, a strict set of guidelines for professional conduct. This is one of the reasons why AUSIT members are held in high regard by the clients they serve.
  • Professional Development & Keeping Up-To-Date - Enjoy preferential member rates for entry to all workshops, seminars, the Biennial National Conference and the Excellence Awards and other local and national events.
  • Preferential Rates - Members have access to a specially negotiated, discounted rate for professional indemnity insurance.
  • Networking - Participate in AUSIT's regular networking sessions, workshops and seminars, where you can participate in presentations on a range of relevant topics and meet with your fellow practitioners.
  • Directory of Members - The AUSIT website includes a directory of fully qualified members for public viewing by potential clients.

Membership is Valuable

Being an AUSIT member ensures I stay abreast of latest industry & technology developments and encourages and helps me to learn how to be competitive as a translator. The listing in the AUSIT online directory, reduced rates for CAT technology and insurance, the PD program including seminars & conferences, the AUSIT E-Bulletin and AUSIT social events where you can pick the brains of colleagues are all essential to surviving as a translator in Australia.
Tea C. Dietterich, AUSIT Senior Practitioner

Membership Benefits by Membership Category (Form 801)

Legend:   - eligible.   - restrictions may apply.   - not eligible

*upgrade only membership categories are only open to existing members. Visit MyAUSIT and click on MyMembership to apply for an upgrade.

Membership Benefit   Senior
Ordinary Members Life
Students Associates
Join upgrade
Join Join

Marketing Benefits

Appearing at the top of the general online directory
Eligible to apply for specialisation
Listing on the general online directory, and public online profile
Display AUSIT logo and AUSIT membership on websites, in emails and on stationery

Be Informed and Network

Access to the eBulletin and other eFora
Receive e-Flashes
Receive In Touch magazine (electronic and/or hard copy)
Access to members-only pages on

Financial Benefits

Attend AUSIT events at discounted rates
Access to discounted professional indemnity, public liability insurance, subject to underwriting criteria
inquire with insurer regarding eligibility

Participation on AUSIT Committees / Governance Rights

Attend and speak at AGMs / NAGMs
Vote at branch and national AGMs and stand for office with voting rights
Eligible to be appointed to branch committees (no voting rights) n/a n/a n/a n/a
Contribute to committees other than the National Council and Branch Committees
subject to committee rules

Some membership categories and benefits are subject to approval and may not be available at this time. The membership benefits listed above are subject to change, and some benefits may be subject to further restrictions or third party terms and conditions. AUSIT makes no guarantee that all services will be available at all times to all members in the respective categories.