PD Points System and Logbook

Unceasingly perfecting professional skills and acquiring new knowledge come naturally to translators and interpreters. AUSIT members account for ongoing PD (professional development) since 2007.

AUSIT, ALSIA and NAATI agreed to use the same PD Logbook, so that a practitioner who is obliged to revalidate their accreditation can use the one form for both purposes.

PD Logbook latest version (July 2015) (.pdf)       PD Logbook latest version (July 2015) (.docx)

  • Every time you attend a workshop or seminar or perform any other activity that contributes to your professional development, please enter it in the logbook. Read carefully, ceilings apply.
  • Keep evidence, such as receipts and the e-mail received on registration, or a certificate of attendance or completion. The paperwork is to be kept for four years, in case of an audit.
  • Ask your PD Coordinator or an Administrator when in doubt. Email admin@ausit.org or phone 1800 284 181.
  • Required points: 120 over 3 years.

A resource base of professional development for translators and interpreters can be found at the www.ticpd.com website. Many activities count as PD besides attending seminars. Please read the logbook, most of these are listed. If you did not find an appropriate box, use the open text field on the last page.

The requirement of 40 PD points per year stretches flexibly over a 3 year period. You can get 30 points in one year, 70 in the next and 20 during the third, for example, or in any other combination. AUSIT relies on self-assessment. Points are allocated for activities, and activities are described in the PD Logbook.

Please note that Candidate Members need to use the Candidate CPD LogBook.

Download CPD for Translators and Interpreters

Download CPD for Translators and Interpreters Brochure (Adobe pdf)   

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