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Current and past issues of our quarterly magazine In Touch can be viewed and downloaded here.

Getting It Right

AUSIT has published Getting It Right and Recommended Guideline brochures to assist both the consumers and providers of translation and interpreting services.

Conference Proceedings - Alice Springs 2013

The proceedings from the 2013 Alice Springs mini-conference are available as an eBook.

Jill Blewett Memorial Lectures

Selected Jill Blewett Memorial Lectures (JBML) are available for download here.


Formerly known as Virtual Learning center.

Best Practices

Translation of Official and Legal Documents

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AUSIT’s recommendations for the translation of official and legal documents into English and other languages for use in Australia. Some recipients of such translations (government departments, authorities, courts ...) may have additional or varying requirements.

Working as a translator for an agency:

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An employment advice if there ever was one! The speaker is Ian White, from Translation House. The recording was made on 13 April 2013, at Perth, during an AUSIT PD event dedicated to help freelancers understand the requirements and expectations of language company owners/managers.

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