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Corporate Services

AUSIT partners with companies, organisations and non-member individuals in order to build connections with industry stakeholders. Please contact us to take advantage of the following opportunities.

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Corporate Services

Post Job Offers

For a small administrative fee, companies, agencies or non-member individuals can post assignments and job openings on the members-only section of the AUSIT website.

Obtain Preferential Professional Development Rates

AUSIT will gladly negotiate commercial agreements that provide discounted rates (in exchange for guaranteed attendance) to attend PD seminars and workshops throughout the year. This allows companies and agencies to access our PD calendar and plan translation- and interpreting-related training activities for staff and contractors.

Sponsorship Opportunities

If your company is a key stakeholder in the language services industry or if you would like to support the translation and interpreting profession, you can sponsor AUSIT. Opportunities are available for professional events and seminars. AUSIT also welcomes in-kind sponsorship and can provide recognition and/or listing on our website and in our communications materials in return for the provision of in-kind or discounted goods or services.

Advertising with AUSIT

AUSIT offers a range of ADVERTISING opportunities.
The prices below apply from April 2024 and are subject to change.
Please note that not all services may be available at this time.
For more information please contact us.

AUSIT members are welcome to apply to advertise with AUSIT.
All advertising will be invoiced at our full commercial rates.

All advertising is subject to approval by AUSIT’s National Council.

e-Flashes (emails sent to our mailing lists)

Advertise: courses, events, work opportunities, services or products, ‘Calls for Papers’ for conferences and publications, and ‘Calls for Participants’ for research projects. 

Reach out to AUSIT members and T&I industry stakeholders in our mid-month PD Newsletter, and/or to AUSIT members exclusively in our end-of-month President’s Newsletter. 

Discounts apply when you book repeat ads or a series of consecutive ads

Fill in our e-Flash Request Form to apply for inclusion in a newsletter, or CfP Request Form to request a Call for Participants. 

NOTE: All content is required before the 10th of the month (plus payment if applicable by the 13th of the month) to be included in one of the month’s newsletters.

* Conditions apply. Educational institutions can read about the benefits of affiliation with AUSIT here.

** Inclusion depends on suitability and timing, and all advertising is subject to approval by AUSIT’s National Council.

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AUSIT website (advertisements placed on selected pages of our website)

An exclusive banner ad on our interpreter directory is $1,000+GST per calendar year.

In Touch magazine

In Touch is the official magazine of AUSIT, and is published quarterly.

Please contact us for further information and to place your advertisement.

Advertising application deadlines are 1 Feb/May/Aug/Oct, for magazines coming out in early Apr/Jul/Oct and mid-Dec.

NOTE: Terms, conditions and publishing standards may apply, and all advertising is subject to approval by AUSIT’s National Council.

Check out our past issues

Standard In Touch Advertising Fees


Single Issue

2 Issues

3 Issues

Full page (A4) +3 mm bleed all around




Back page (A4) +3 mm bleed all around

Only offered for print issues




Half page horizontal (199.5mm w x 143.25mm h)

Half page vertical (133mm w x 190mm h)




Quarter page (133 mm w x 95mm h)

Currently not being offered




1/3 page horizontal (199.5mm w x 95.5mm h)
1/3 page vertical (66.6mm wide x 286.5mm h)




2/3 Page (133mm w x 286.5mm h)




Classified advertisements (per single issue)

$5+GST per line of column space (5 cm wide, 10 point font)

Currently not being offered

Submission form

for court interpreters to report incidents or issues that occur in court interpreting assignments.

Purpose and function of this information submission form.

This form enables you to report issues or problems that you encounter in the course of court interpreting assignments. These issues and problems will be collected by AUSIT to report to the JCCD (the Judicial Council on Cultural Diversity) to monitor the implementation of the Recommended National Standards. The reporting of these issues and problems enables AUSIT to work with the JCCD to suggest steps to address these issues and to avoid the repetition of these problems in the future.

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