Past Conferences

AUSIT National
Conference 2020

20-21 November 2020, online

“Business as Unusual ”

The focus of this year’s conference is on the challenges and opportunities opening up in an evolving T&I landscape, specifically during this time of insecurity and rapid change experienced by the profession over recent months.

Sub-themes include: business during a pandemic; new skills and professional requirements in interpreting and translating; adaptive business practices; remuneration and working conditions; remote interpreting; translation technologies; and remote T&I education and training.

Keynote speakers

Stephen Doherty leads the HAL Language Processing Research Lab at UNSW, where he is an associate professor in linguistics, interpreting and translation. With a focus on the psychology of language and technology, his research investigates human and machine language processing using natural language processing techniques and combined on- and offline methods. He presents on the topic “Language technology today and tomorrow: Challenges and opportunities for current and future language service professionals”.

Karolina Karczmarek-Giel is an industry professional with over 15 years of experience. Drawing from her broad background in translation, digital marketing, positive psychology, and meta-learning, she explores strategies for dealing with the current crisis from various disciplines in her presentation “How to thrive in any crisis: The pandemic edition”.

2020 Conference Program
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AUSIT National
Conference 2019

18-19 October 2019 | Hobart, Tasmania

Translators and interpreters exist in an increasingly globalised society, both shaping and being shaped by cultural, political and technological shifts. Shifts toward multicultural societies have enabled community interpreting and community translation to flourish, creating previously unforeseen roles and tasks for translators. At the same time, translators and interpreters keep being the backbone of multilateral and multilingual organisations, which enables them to play a pivotal role in global politics. The rise of computers has led to numerous changes in the way the T&I industry functions and near-instantaneous communications have transformed the work environment. Traditional roles have been replaced by: multilingual Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), subtitling (both professional and fansubbing), localisation, or Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE). Interpreters, meanwhile, are faced with the prospect of video-remote interpreting (VRI), procurement platforms, and tablet interpreting. How have and how will these phenomena change the way T&Is work? How will they change the perception of our roles and our status? What are the ethical considerations associated with these new modes of translating and interpreting? What are the ethical considerations associated with new roles? How does this affect our teaching and training?

This conference aims to bring together professionals and researchers in the T&I field to discuss these and more questions about translators and interpreters in today’s world and the world of the future.

2019 Conference Program
2019 Conference Photos

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AUSIT National
Conference 2018

16-17 November 2018 | Adelaide, South Australia

Come and join us at the AUSIT National Conference 16-17 November in Adelaide. The program and presenter notes are now available. These are subject to change. Join us for a dinner at the Flinders University Function centre with a beautiful view of the gulf. Check out the link to the award winning Café Alere who are catering during the two days and Friday evening

2018 Conference Program
2018 Conference Photos

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for court interpreters to report incidents or issues that occur in court interpreting assignments.

Purpose and function of this information submission form.

This form enables you to report issues or problems that you encounter in the course of court interpreting assignments. These issues and problems will be collected by AUSIT to report to the JCCD (the Judicial Council on Cultural Diversity) to monitor the implementation of the Recommended National Standards. The reporting of these issues and problems enables AUSIT to work with the JCCD to suggest steps to address these issues and to avoid the repetition of these problems in the future.

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