Student Excellence Awards

AUSIT Affiliates are entitled to nominate one interpreting and/or translation graduating student for the AUSIT student excellence award. Please refer to these guidelines and forms for further information:

Guidelines for educational institutions
Institution nomination form
Student application form
Past Recipients
  • Lin Liu, Macquarie University
  • Yaoyuan Ren, Macquarie University
  • Ulrike Krenz-Fisher, Monash University
  • Shanshan Lin, Monash University
  • Luisa Conte, RMIT University/li>
  • Sylvia Di Stefano, RMIT University
  • Hoang Oanh Nguyen, TAFE South Australia
  • Majdoleen Yasin, TAFE South Australia
  • Kwun-Bond Rayleigh Lau, University of New South Wales
  • Tianyu Wang, University of New South Wales
  • Yang Xu, University of Queensland
  • Hiroko Kobayashi, University of Queensland
  • Chengcheng Liao, University of Western Australia
  • Qin Zhong, University of Western Australia
  • Lai Jiang, Western Sydney University
  • Cristina Savin, Monash University
  • Katharina Fischer, Monash University
  • Ji Won Han, Macquarie University
  • Qianyun Mu, Macquarie University
  • Monica Maricia Quijano De Brasdefer, RMIT University
  • Simone Aliano, RMIT University
  • Bassam Ashqar, TAFE South Australia
  • Yanqiu Dong, TAFE South Australia
  • Natalia Maltseva, University of New South Wales
  • Camille Marion Lapierre, University of New South Wales
  • Monica Waung, University of Queensland
  • Shixin Song, University of Queensland
  • Caitlin Overton, University of Western Australia
  • Stephanie Schimkowitsch, University of Western Australia
  • Elsa Caballero Gorriz, University of Western Sydney
  • James Frederick McBride, Monash University 
  • Yee Jan Ng, Monash University 
  • Sunjae Weon, Macquarie University 
  • Mo Lin, RMIT University 
  • Andrez Kozlowski, RMIT University 
  • Su-Chin Wu, TAFE South Australia
  • Nidal Raslan, TAFE South Australia 
  • Andrew Tran, University of New South Wales 
  • Xueli Qiu, University of New South Wales 
  • Siyun Shen, University of Queensland
  • Yuta Ishii, University of Queensland 
  • Elisa Michelini, University of Western Australia 
  • Shuzhen Hon, University of Western Australia 
  • Georgina Vinals Vega, University of Western Sydney 
  • Sebastien Clevy, University of New South Wales 
  • Xiaoling Zhu, University of New South Wales
  • Jiayao Fu, Macquarie University 
  • Kate Garrett, Monash University 
  • Titis Pratiwi, RMIT University   
  • Ewen Wang, TAFE South Australia  
  • Nidal Raslan, TAFE South Australia
  • Maryam Gholitaleb, TAFE South Australia 
  • Yael Balandrano, University of New South Wales 
  • Emiri Oishi, Macquarie University 

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