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Organisational Structure

Members of the National Council

State Branches

AUSIT emerged as a national association, out of the federation of state chapters, in 1987. You can get involved in AUSIT by contacting your local Branch.

NSW Branch
Chair:  Camille Lapierre
Secretary: Madison Hughes
Treasurer:  Xiaoxing (Amy) Wang
Branch Delegate: Shiyi (Sydney) Ye
Membership Liaison Officer: Mohammed Reza Shariflou
PD Coordinator: Rebeca Paredes Nieto and Cintia Lee
PD Coordinator Mentor: Xiaoxing (Amy) Wang
Committee members: Majida Toma, Hania Geras, Sebastien Clevy, Marion Gevers, Farooque Khan, Teresa Lee, Emily Wright
ACT Branch 
Chair:  Aurelie Sheehan
Secretary:  Jennifer Plaistowe
Treasurer:  Henry (Ta-Yuan) Chen
Branch Delegate:  Vesna Cvjeticanin
Membership Liaison Officer: Vacant
PD Coordinator: Jennifer Plaistowe
Committee members: Mark Bassett, Gabrielle Edmonds
VIC Branch 
Chair: Jonathan Beagley
Secretary: Veronique Bergeron
Treasurer:  Jacqueline Skewes
Branch Delegate: Bing Lee Teh
Membership Liaison Officer: Sonia Sanchez Moreno
PD Coordinator: Claudia Schneider
Committee members: Dina Kerr, Jean Deklerk
SA/NT Branch 
Chair: Joe van Dalen
Secretary: Ludmila Berkis
Treasurer:  Shahin Entesari
Branch Delegate: Joe van Dalen
Membership Liaison Officer: Alicia Rex
PD Coordinator: Marina Morgan
Committee members: Tets Kimura, Haleh Khazrai, Deborah Kalei, Zsuzsanna Jover, Jan Ng
Chair NT SBC: David Moore
QLD Branch
Chair: Sam Berner
Secretary: Anna Jenman
Treasurer:  Natasha Ziada
Branch Delegate: Sam Berner
Membership Liaison Officer: Vacant
PD Coordinator: Leisa Maia
Committee members: Zhen Guan, Haifa El Kadi, Mariam Elliott, Elisabeth Kissel, Sorgul Maho, Renata Oliveira Munro, Andrea Dallape, Sophia Jamjuree
WA Branch 
Chair:  Catherine Pfammatter
Secretary: Elisa Michelini
Treasurer:  Sally Wals
Branch Delegate: Catherine Pfammatter
Membership Liaison Officer: Vida Jafari Ark
PD Coordinator: Sally Wals
Committee members: Natasha Brown, Ella Davies, Aida Oye Gomez, Michele Dreyfus, Nora Pucci, Mary Street, Isabel Von Prollius, Kamran Afshar, Khalil Albawy
TAS Branch
Chair: Martin Blackwell
Secretary: Miriam Chiu
Treasurer:  Amir Khankeshipour
Branch Delegate: Saeed Khosravi
Membership Liaison Officer: Christina Chen
PD Coordinator: Angel Zhao
Committee members: Yanru Zhao, Qiusi (Echo) Zhang

National Committees

Professional Development Committee 

Current members: Zhen Guan (Chair), Despina Amanatidou (National Council ex officio), Leisa Maia (QLD), Marina Morgan (SA), Sally Wals (WA), Alison Muir (ACT), Serena Ho (VIC), Martin Edward Blackwell (TAS), Saeed Khosravi (TAS) and Xiaoxing (Amy) Wang (NSW). 

Communications Committee 

Current members: Zsuzsanna Jover, Han Xu, Corinne Perrin, Andrew Kozlowski, Andres Cebada and Elizabeth Ambrose. 

Education Committee 

Current members: Rebeca Paredes-Nieto (Chair), Sarah Lattimore & Francesca Cimarelli (NAATI), Nicole Zhou (Babel International College), Adelis Huang (Macquarie University), Rick Qi & Shani Tobias (Monash University), Binglee Teh (RMIT University), Padmini Sampathkumar (TAFE NSW), Marina Morgan (TAFE SA), Ning Zhang (University of Adelaide), Long Li (UNSW),  Akiko Uchiyama (University of Queensland), Anna Gadd (UWA), Kenny Wang (Western Sydney University),  Mecia Freire, Suqin Qian and Elline Chen.

Past AUSIT Presidents

1987-1989:  Luciano Ginori
1989-1991:  Bob Filipovich 
1991-1993:  Mary Gurgone 
1993-1995:  Armand von Stein 
1995-1996:  Klaus Hermes 

1997-1999:  Marta Barany
1999-2000:  Skender Bregu 
2000-2002:  Moreno Giovannoni 
2003-2005:  Yveline Piller 
2005-2006:  Chris Poole 

2006-2007:  Uli Priester 
2007-2009:  Sarina Phan 
2009-2010:  Sam Berner 
2010-2011:  Daniel Muller 
2011-2014:  Annamaria Arnall 

2014-2017:  Sandra Hale 
2017-2019: Rocco Loiacono

Submission form

for court interpreters to report incidents or issues that occur in court interpreting assignments.

Purpose and function of this information submission form.

This form enables you to report issues or problems that you encounter in the course of court interpreting assignments. These issues and problems will be collected by AUSIT to report to the JCCD (the Judicial Council on Cultural Diversity) to monitor the implementation of the Recommended National Standards. The reporting of these issues and problems enables AUSIT to work with the JCCD to suggest steps to address these issues and to avoid the repetition of these problems in the future.

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