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Intouch Winter 2020 1
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In Touch Winter 2020

Business as Unusual: Black Lives Matter in Australia; A new skillset for distanced working…

Intouch Autumn 2020
In Touch Autumn 2020

T&I in times of crisis: Lobbying for visual communication, Balancing professional and…

2019 In Touch Summer
In Touch Summer 2019

Australian First Languages in the International Year of Indigenous Languages: language survival…

2019 In Touch Winter
In Touch Winter 2019

Your stories, your reflections: bridging cultural differences; working in a crisis; family histories…

2019 In Touch Autumn
In Touch Autumn 2019

AUSIT’s highest honour: Two new AUSIT Fellows from SA–NT

2018 In Touch Winter
In Touch Winter 2018

Special features: The Jill Blewett Memorial Lecture (excerpts)…

2018 In Touch Autumn
In Touch Autumn 2018

Health care interpreting: HCIS NSW, forty years on Interpreting medical consent forms…

2018 19 Intouch Summer
In Touch Summer 2018

Literary translation, part two: Reflections on translating poetry, and on the theory…

2017 Intouch Winter17
In Touch Winter 2017

Including impacts of the NDIS on both Deaf people and Auslan interpreters; simultaneous interpreting…

2017 Intouch Novebmer
In Touch Spring 2017

In this issue: an overview; legal and ethical considerations; post-editing…

2017 April
In Touch Autumn 2017

including the NT’s new Aboriginal audiovisual interpreting service, the trials of translating Trump…

2016 June
In Touch Autumn 2016

The AUSIT national miniconference is a forum where professionals from various fields…

2016 December
In Touch Summer 2016

AUSIT is turning 30 in 2017! … and to celebrate, In Touch is getting a makeover…

2015 Intouch Autumn
In Touch Autumn 2015

New president foreshadows AUSIT overhaul. AUSIT is embarking on a range of new directions…

2014 In Touch Winter
In Touch Winter 2014

Conference Interpreting: perspectives on extralinguistic knowledge and anticipation…

2014 In Touch Summer 141124
In Touch Summer 2014

Recognition: interpreters need better recogniton for their training and qualifications…

2013 Intouchwinter
In Touch Winter 2013

ACCREDITATION: Interpreting accreditation the Norwegian way

2013 May
In Touch Summer 2013

European Union: satisfaction and challenges for interpreters and translators…

2013 Autumn Newsletter
In Touch Autumn 2013 – Newsletter

Closing The Communication Gap: The challenge of interpreting…

2013 Autumn Correspondence
Correspondence – Autumn 2013

As a T&I in a ‘smaller’ language, it is always interesting to hear the views…

2012 Vol20no3
In Touch Spring 2012

Take advantage of our specialist courses, internationally recognised scholars…

2012 Vol20no4
In Touch Summer 2012

Translator David Colmer explains the key to his award-winning success

2012 Vol20no1
In Touch Autumn 2012

Training program sets a high bar David Bellos, winner of the International Man Booker prize…

2011 Vol19no2
In Touch Winter 2011

2011 AUSIT National Excellence Awards news; Farewell to AUSIT’s new Fellow Japanese…

2011 Vol19no3
In Touch Spring 2011

2011 AUSIT National Excellence Awards get closer;Call for National Council nominations…

2011 Vol19no4
In Touch Summer 2011

Interpreters & translators unionise Aid efforts hampered by language barrier

2011 Vol19no1
In Touch Autumn 2011

2011 AUSIT National Excellence Awards announced; AUSIT SP at the World Expo…

2010 March
In Touch Winter 2010

2010 Biennial National Conference Program; New Membership Renewal Policy…

2010 January
In Touch Summer 2010

New AUSIT media 2010 PD calendars National Biennial Conference…

2010 February
In Touch Autumn 2010

Translation memories — to share or not? Conference keynote speaker coup…

2009 March
In Touch Winter 2009

National Excellence Awards 2009 Issue interviews with past winners…

2009 April
In Touch Spring 2009

Newly-elected AUSIT President Sam Berner and the 2009-10 National Council…

2009 January
In Touch Summer 2009

Localisation & the global economy; National PD policy & committee…

2009 February
In Touch Autumn 2009

Blogging & networking AUSIT Orientation Day New leadership…

2008 March
In Touch Winter 2008

XVIII FIT World Congress in Shanghai Googling more effectively…

2008 April
In Touch Spring 2008

AUSIT 2008 Biennial National Conference — ‘Get Connected’…

2008 January
In Touch Summer 2008

Arts meet languages Ethics and newspeak Translation from the future…

2008 February
In Touch Autumn 2008

ITSNT celebrates 20th anniversary AUSIT biennial conference Court interpreter briefing…

2007 December
December 2007 – Newsletter

AUSIT’s business plan for 2007-2008…

2007 August
August 2007 – Newsletter

Call for Excellence Awards submissions; New TIS contract examined…

2007 May
May 2007 – Newsletter

All the news from the Critical Link 5 Congress in Sydney…

2007 February
February 2007 – Newsletter

AUSIT members celebrate the end of 2006…

2006 December
December 2006 – Newsletter

New AUSIT National Executive Interpreter or alter ego? Translating theatre…

2006 July
July 2006 – Newsletter

Helping Translators deal with isolation; AUSIT fee increases explained…

2006 May
May 2006 – Newsletter

Membership category reforms explained; Finding non-government customers…

2006 February
February 2006 – Newsletter

AUSIT names new Fellow NAATI revalidation…

2005 November
November 2005 – Newsletter

New National Executive; What can AUSIT do for me?

2005 June
June 2005 – Newsletter

The face-to-face meeting of the AUSIT National Council in Cairns…

2005 March
March 2005 – Newsletter

Yveline Piller writes on the AUSIT submission to parliament…

2005 January
January 2005 – Newsletter

Inaugural AUSIT T&I excellence awards…

2004 September
September 2004 – Newsletter

AUSIT in the by Annamaria Arnall…

2004 June
June 2004 – Newsletter

Another three months have gone by and a lot of things have happened within AUSIT.

2004 March
March 2004 – Newsletter

Translators and interpreters aspire to be fully recognised as professionals…

2003 December
December 2003 – Newsletter

For the first time in the history of AUSIT, a Presidential election was held…

2003 September
September 2003 – Newsletter

At the 2002 Annual General Meeting in Perth AUSIT agreed on…

2003 June
June 2003 – Newsletter

As you all know, membership reform has been on the AUSIT agenda…

2003 March
March 2003 – Newsletter

This is the first edition of the AUSIT newsletter under the new team…

2002 December
December 2002 – Newsletter

National Conference 2 A Kaleidoscope, Festive Greetings…

2002 September
September 2002 – Newsletter

The year has been one of change for AUSIT. Our focus on providing services…

2002 June
June 2002 – Newsletter

A s President I believe it is my job to keep you informed about the progress…

2002 February
February 2002 – Newsletter

Like all professional associations we rely on volunteers to do a lot of our work…

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