Membership Fees

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Annual fees 2019 – 2020

(inclusive of GST)
Ordinary Member
Retired Member

Membership Fee notes

  • Please note that membership fees are charged from the month you submit your application, not from when it is subsequently approved. (But all relevant membership benefits also start from when you pay your membership fee.)
  • Membership fees are payable on 1 July of every year, covering membership from 1 July of that year to 30 June of the following year. Current amounts are shown below.
  • Membership fees are reviewed annually and generally indexed to CPI.
  • Membership fees are pro-rated in monthly intervals as shown on the pro-rating table below.
  • In addition, new applicants pay a once-off, non-refundable application fee of $20.00.
Pro-rating of fees for new members
Note: to save double-invoicing, new members whose applications are submitted in June are billed for the following financial year as well.
Application submittedAmount invoicedMembership valid until
July100% of annual fee
August91.7% of annual fee
September83.3% of annual fee
October75% of annual fee
November66.7% of annual fee
December58.3% of annual fee30 June of current financial year
January50% of annual fee
February41.7% of annual fee
March33.3% of annual fee
April25% of annual fee
May16.7% of annual fee
June8.3% of annual fee plus 100% of annual fee for next financial year30 June of following financial year

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