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At the end of the application process you are about to start, you will be asked to pay the applicable membership fee, pro-rated to the month in which you apply, and will then become a provisional member in the assigned category. This will then entitle you to access member rates for professional development events, conferences, and the like.

Once AUSIT’s National Membership Officer (NMO) has assessed your application and determined that you meet the basic eligibility criteria, your membership in this category will be confirmed. This assessment may require the NMO to contact you to obtain further information, or to clarify information you have already provided. In the event that the NMO determines that you do not meet the basic eligibility criteria, AUSIT will refund all moneys paid, less the application fee, and your provisional membership will be cancelled.

After considering the details you are about to provide in this application form, the NMO may in some cases assign you to a different category. If so, you will be contacted to explain the change, and either the difference in membership fees will be refunded (if you are assigned to a category with lower fees) or you will be invoiced for the difference (if assigned to a category with higher fees). If you are invoiced to pay higher fees, and fail to do so within 1 month, AUSIT may cancel your membership and refund all moneys paid, less the application fee.

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Submission form

for court interpreters to report incidents or issues that occur in court interpreting assignments.

Purpose and function of this information submission form.

This form enables you to report issues or problems that you encounter in the course of court interpreting assignments. These issues and problems will be collected by AUSIT to report to the JCCD (the Judicial Council on Cultural Diversity) to monitor the implementation of the Recommended National Standards. The reporting of these issues and problems enables AUSIT to work with the JCCD to suggest steps to address these issues and to avoid the repetition of these problems in the future.

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