Carina Mackenzie

Carina Mackenzie

Position:QLD Branch Delegate


Carina Mackenzie was born in Germany and moved to Australia at a young age with her parents. Following the completion of high school in Sydney, Carina obtained Cambridge TEFLA English teaching certificate, and dedicated several years to teaching English to adults in diverse locations, including Hong Kong, Brazil, the UK and Spain.

Returning to Australia, Carina pursued a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Queensland. After the first year, she made the decision to further her studies in Spain, where she embarked on four-year translation and interpreting program at the University of Granada. Specialising in legal translation and conference interpreting, Carina discovered her passion for both interpreting and law. During a year spent in the UK, Carina obtained the Chartered Institute of Linguists Diploma in Public Service Interpreting in English Law, and recently completed a graduate certificate in speech-to-text interpreting with the University of Vigo (Spain).

After working as translator and interpreter in Spain, Carina returned to Australia and obtained NAATI credentials. She loves interpreting for the community, and hopes to witness improvements in industry sustainability in the near future.

Carina currently serves as the Chair of the Queensland Branch of AUSIT, and sits on the AUSIT National Council. In her role, Carina actively advocates for translators and interpreters, representing their interests at various events and meetings with stakeholders. She is a firm believer in the significance of professional associations like AUSIT for career growth, and that the strength of such associations lies in the collective contributions of all practitioners, fostering mutual growth and success.

Submission form

for court interpreters to report incidents or issues that occur in court interpreting assignments.

Purpose and function of this information submission form.

This form enables you to report issues or problems that you encounter in the course of court interpreting assignments. These issues and problems will be collected by AUSIT to report to the JCCD (the Judicial Council on Cultural Diversity) to monitor the implementation of the Recommended National Standards. The reporting of these issues and problems enables AUSIT to work with the JCCD to suggest steps to address these issues and to avoid the repetition of these problems in the future.

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