Sam Berner

Sam Berner

Position:QLD Branch Delegate


Sam Berner is a QLD-based legal translator with close to four decades of working experience. Her involvement with AUSIT with an interest in the professional and philosophical aspects of translation that have often caused her to approach issues from angles different to those of most her colleagues.

Born in Europe and raised in North Africa and the Middle East, Sam can fluently speak three languages and stutter in three others. Before coming to Australia, she lived for over twenty years in the Middle East and North Africa, teaching, publishing and translating. During those years Sam worked for several regional and international publishing houses, as well as the UNICEF and UNHCR in conflict zones.

In addition to her translation work, Sam conducts workshops for Australian businesses about the use of translators, cross-cultural communication and effective business dealing with people from Middle Eastern and North African cultures.
A Fellow of the Institute and its former National President, Sam continues to be active in AUSIT. She mentors and motivates many aspiring translators to expand their vision globally. A staunch advocate for embracing change, Sam presented numerous workshops and seminars for AUSIT on business practices, technology, professional development and ethics, as well as travelling overseas to present academic papers at international conferences.

She is actively involved in various community groups working with refugees and other non-profit organizations, NAATI and AUSIT committees and Translators Australia. She is the recipient of AUSIT Excellence Award in 2009 and 2018 and was the Vice-Chair of the FIT2017 Congress held in Brisbane, chaired the 2008 and 2014 AUSIT National Conferences, and helped organise the AUSIT2020 virtual conference.

Submission form

for court interpreters to report incidents or issues that occur in court interpreting assignments.

Purpose and function of this information submission form.

This form enables you to report issues or problems that you encounter in the course of court interpreting assignments. These issues and problems will be collected by AUSIT to report to the JCCD (the Judicial Council on Cultural Diversity) to monitor the implementation of the Recommended National Standards. The reporting of these issues and problems enables AUSIT to work with the JCCD to suggest steps to address these issues and to avoid the repetition of these problems in the future.

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